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About the Artists

1966 Milano, Italy

In the last twenty years, Damiano Spelta has developed an articulated and eclectic artistic technique, which always begins with an idea that is later transformed by assembling several objects and by painting surfaces of all kinds. 

Spelta takes inspiration both form the Dadaist Movement, with regards to his ideological conception, and from the Pop Art mentality, with regards to his irreverent irony. However, he does not want to be classified within any of these movements as he wants his art to be fluid and to be recognized for its ability to play with materials. He transforms daily objects into something unexpected, and this is the consequence of a profound reflection on contemporaneity as the only dimension of thought. He is an experimenter of materials and techniques, art and design mixing them without conformism. His source of inspiration comes from reflection on the contemporary world, whether it is a painting or a design object, and from its contradictions, form one’s obsessions and weaknesses, from one’s self comparison with the idea of who we "would like to be" rather than who we really are.

There are many ways to interpret the meaning of life, Spelta's way is metaphorically ironic and provocative, sarcastic and scratchy.
His peculiar language is passionate, fascinating, amusing and leaves the observer surprisingly contemplative about social reflections. 

Through his skillful mix of components tastefully crafted, Spelta creates his ”assemblage raffinè", explanatory works of a biting and benevolent philosophy, genuine representations of a chaotic world but also of an hedonistic pleasure pervading our daily lives. His style is immediately recognizable and worthy of universal and transcendent fascination. His multifaceted vision is not a marketing operation nor a market calculation, it derives from his ability to to grasp the existential needs, constantly changing, and from his rare sensitivity. 

His artworks are signs, construction of meanings and as such revelations of his infinite creativity and his expressive style. 
Examples are "Xolex”, a seat in steel, aluminum and glass which provocatively reminds us of a wristwatch, the main status symbol, or "500" consisting of an airbrushed car body reproducing a € 500 banknote for a Fiat 500 using materials of original assembly, or "The Tongue" the chaise longue that with its language wraps anyone who wants to indulge in pleasure, as well as "Omaggio a Fontana" "Mazzetta" "Compassione" and his remaining production.


To me, Damiano Spelta is one of the rare artists who comments on reality through objects. Daily objects and concepts jump to his attention and his creativity changes their functions and transforms their scale. So we find ourselves in front of a wristwatch that has become a seat or a chaise longue made up of a large tongue that reminds us of how much people talk unnecessarily or in front of a giant lipstick that has become the functional pivot of a coffee table and expresses the importance of cosmetics in our life. The focus is that these objects reject abstraction, a blessed and desirable attitude, and introduce us into the world of the images with an ironic, jovial and fantastic attitude.


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