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Flow of Ego, 2012


8000,00 €

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150 x 150 x 5 cm
59.06 x 59 x 1.97 in







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Bark, wax, wood. "One of the main distinguishing features of our times is all-pervasive individualism. No previous era was characterized by so much awareness and diversity of human beings. Nevertheless we increasingly feel alike in a masses and despite the efforts we put to highlight our individuality, the crowd around us consumes us equally. This effort seems pointless from the wider point of view, our small differences are randomly given and rest is a natural equality. Every person regardless of their individual characteristics is doomed by nature in the same way. The relief "Flow of Ego" uses my fingerprint in the way suggesting random arrangement of the moving liquid background and a tree bark. In this way I want to convict the randomness, variability and short duration of our self in comparison to the whole. I would say that we are only temporary yet beautiful mosaics." Cyryl Zakrzewski

About the Artists

1986 , Poland

Cyryl Zakrzewski was born in 1986 in Poznań, Poland. In 2011 he graduated from the University of Arts in Poznań and opened a sculpture studio in Suchy Las. In 2012 he received a stipend from the Marshall of the Wielkopolska Region for the creation of the permanent installation in the University of Adam Mickiewicz Botanical Garden in Poznań and was invited to create a permanent outdoor work for the 10th Art Stays Festival in Ptuj, Slovenia. He had multiple solo and group exhibitions in Poland, Italy, Austria, Slovenia and Japan.

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