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700 EUR



Dated Titled



120 x 60 cm
47.24 x 24 in







2000 circa.

Hand - retouched lithograph by Claudio Malacarne. It represents a view of Tropea, where the light of the sun seeps through the tree branches, creating a deep chiaroscuro that invite us to contemplration. This bright scene is realized with impressionist style: the colors are intense and powerful, causing emotional outburst. The artwork is signed lower right. 

1956 Mantua, Italy

Claudio Malacarne was born in Mantua in the summer of 1956. 

In the years he attending the atelier of master Enrico Longfils where was able to growe wieser his artistic studies, becoming one of the most important colorist of our days. His artworks attract the attention of the viewers for their colorfull energy. The typicla italian landscape full of light, remind immediatly to the users the summer and Mediterranean atmosphere. After discovering the Spanish realism of Joaquín Sorolla, his inquiring eye and the detective of the Fauves colors become the distinctive characteristic of his last art. “In these paintings the entire sumptuous and avid legacy of Matisse is found but also the enchantment, the suspense, the anxious amazement of Rimbaud and Valéry”. From the 1986 were made a lot the exhibitions dedicated to Caludio Malacarne, all over the Europe. He tooks part at a lot fairs as Arte Fiera Innsbruk, Artinvest of Rivoli, Arte fiera Gent Belgio, Europ' Art in Ginevra, Arte Fiera and MIART.

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Milano, Via Carlo Pisacane 36

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