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600 EUR
4.2 5 20

Hairy fox


Single piece



7 x 37 cm
2.76 x 15 in







Ceramic sculpture.
The artist Claudia Kraml about her working process:
'I work with fireclay. To get more depth and liveliness in my creatures I fire my pieces several times between 950 and 1080 degrees Celcius.
I use different underglaze colours, engobes, sinter engobes, glazes and oxides.
I also add different printing techniques, decals, gold or scantling wire to some of my sculptures.'

1977 Kirchheim/Teck, Germany

Constant presence in Claudia Kraml's work, man and animal, the confrontation with mortality, finiteness, vulnerability, life, death of grief and happiness. They are mutually dependent, none of them goes without the other. The relationship between man and animal and their fusion do not let you go and are recognizable element of your ceramic sculptures. Claudia Kraml's visible beings come from a world between worlds, are border crossers and seekers, travelers in the in-between. They position themselves to life and death, the foreign and the near, to the now and the memory. They are subtle and melancholic. Their eyes reflect deep knowledge and longing. Often they cannot be assigned. They are always poetic, not repeatable and have a certain fool's license.

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Oslo, Grünersgate 3

Purenkel gallery is an independent and colourful art gallery located in the heart of Oslo, Norway. Dedicated to the urban art vibes, - focusing on original acrylic paintings, limited edition digital art on paper and ceramic sculptures. The gallery collaborates with selected artists that offer unique eye candy for the heart, the soul and the wall. Art is foo...

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JAUNE META graphic 002


45 x 60 x 0.1 cm

680,00 €

Social Stratification


50 x 54 x 48 cm