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Untitled Film Still




28.6 x 21 cm
11.26 x 8 in







Porcelain Tray.
Labelled verso, from an unnumbered edition of 500

Cindy Sherman's "Untitled Film Stills" are one of the masterpieces of the 20th century; a major artistic accomplishment that ushered in a generation of appropriation, an invigorated criticism of iconography, gender and cinema tropes.

Most importantly it was an early work that went beyond the artistic parameters of photography to be considered as a "artwork" rather than a group of photographs. 

While Sherman has occasionally done "benefit works" for arts organizations this porcelain tray is unique as it uses an image from her most beloved body of work - the "Untitled Film Stills" 

First sold by the Sundance Film Festival, this limited edition multiple quickly sold out. 

This is a rare object by one of the most collected and important living artists.

1954 , United States

For four decades, Cindy Sherman has probed the construction of identity, playing with the visual and cultural codes of art, celebrity, gender, and photography. She is among the most significant artists of the Pictures Generation—a group that also includes Richard Prince, Louise Lawler, Sherrie Levine, and Robert Longo—who came of age in the 1970s and responded to the mass media landscape surrounding them with both humor and criticism, appropriating images from advertising, film, television, and magazines for their art.

Sherman was always interested in experimenting with different identities. As she has explained, “I wish I could treat every day as Halloween, and get dressed up and go out into the world as some eccentric character.”1 Shortly after moving to New York, she produced her Untitled Film Stills (1977–80), in which she put on guises and photographed herself in various settings with deliberately selected props to create scenes that resemble those from mid-20th-century B movies. Started when she was only 23, these images rely on female characters (and caricatures) such as the jaded seductress, the unhappy housewife, the jilted lover, and the vulnerable naif. Sherman used cinematic conventions to structure these photographs: they recall the film stills used to promote movies, from which the series takes its title. The 70 Film Stills immediately became flashpoints for conversations about feminism, postmodernism, and representation, and they remain her best-known works

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Toronto, 647 Dupont St.

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50 x 40 x 7 cm