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3600 EUR

Cassis & Malven II


Dated Titled



50 x 60 cm
19.69 x 24 in







Acrylic on Canvas.

Berlin, Germany


Chris Kamprad is a freelance, self-taught artist from Berlin, who was born in 1969 in the Spreewald. Since May 2020 she has her own studio in Prenzlauer Berg. From 1999 to 2002 she attended the free painting class with the Berlin artists Astrid Albers and Jürgen Sage. She also completed a mask design degree at the Dresden Academy of Art.


Various national and international exhibitions, such as in Germany, Frence and Italy.

The artist about his work

"My art is mainly focused on abstract expressive and gestural acrylic painting and mixed media. Art is change, movement and development, has to do with tension, speed and courage. Art is the vitality of one's own vision and transformation. Influenced by everything that is, was and will be! I paint form next to form or the rest after the opulent. My imaginations are also color fields, gestural energies that spread out, although and because I try to leave out thinking in the painting moment. Sometimes the flow succeeds, and energy fields celebrate their own ways, energetically clear and filled with color joy, light and meaningfulness, to a complementary driving whole. Only beauty is quickly boring for me. In search of exciting ratios in a picture, I associate colors / shapes that not only create harmony and achieve an aesthetic that inspires, stimulates, and perhaps sticks".


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Berlin, Friedrichstraße

The gallery was established in August 2012 founded by Rusa Makowski and is located in the heart of Berlin, at the Gendarmenmarkt, Friedrichstrassee. The gallery focuses on international and contemporary works of art, from the the fields of Painting, Graphic, Photography and Sculptures . The works, issued by Makowski Rusa, are partly from established artists,...

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Suspending Time


45.7 x 73.6 x 3.81 cm

568,67 €

Angelic caress


120 x 150 cm

4350,00 €



100 x 80 x 3 cm

980,00 €