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121 x 142 cm
47.64 x 56 in







Acrylic, spray paint, oilstick

1973 Toronto, Canada

As a self-taught artist, Cherie Harte follows in the tradition of Outsider Art and Art Brut, adding gestural painting techniques that juxtapose a character’s complex inner life with tangible expressions of naivete and innocence. When you look beyond the childlike characters – her paintings trigger a blending of feelings that express the full gamut of emotions. She accomplishes this feat by tapping into her own life experiences, from the saddest to the most uplifting.

Harte’s characters are presented as childlike and playful; created through a meditative process that engages in an inner dialogue with the artwork.  Although initiated by an arbitrary approach, Harte is methodical in her use of mark-making as a tool, she boldly scratches the surface of work.

Cherie Harte’s paintings presents a cast of characters reminding us of our own fragility and strength.

Harte attempts to interpret the tension in our human existence, between conflicted feelings and the desire for emotional resolution.  We might dismiss Harte’s approach initially but, as we engage with the nuances of her deeply personal and unique paintings and the complexity of the emotions presented, we confront our own humanity.  Harte’s characters strike a balance between internal tension and the pursuit of simplicity. We are confronted with the characters innocence – bright colours, rainbows, hearts, and uncompromised facial expressions, disproportioned and pared down to their essence.

Her ability to stir the rawness of our emotions, if we dare to engage, is the gift Harte has offered generously through her artwork since she began painting professionally over 10 years ago. Her characters invite us to connect with our inner selves, confront our discomforts, demand empathy and offer a sense of hope

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Toronto, 106 Harbord Street


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