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Monologue Intérieur #4




20 x 29 cm
7.87 x 11 in







Photopolymer Etching on Washi and BFK Reeves

1968 , Netherlands

In 2016, Chantal Elisabeth Ariëns decided to focus on creating personal work. Since then, the inspiration for her work stems from the subconscious, a state of emptiness. The images arise by giving space to emotion and exploring where the connection lies between emotion and memory. Emotions and memories stored in the subconsciousness. 

It is not always exclusively Ariëns her own feelings that are embedded in her work. The feelings of her model are often included as well. During a photo shoot, photographer and model find each other in an emotion and become connected. Ariëns translates this into an image. In addition, the work relates to the emotion of the viewer, who can recognise his or her feelings in the work and thus enters into a relationship with it. 

Ariëns is constantly exploring new ways of expression, which lead her to the use of a range of techniques. In the digital process she missed a certain magic. She longed for more attention for craftmanship, for being more directly and physically involved in the production process. For Ariëns, this too is an important means to express the soul in her work. Her search took Ariens off the beaten path of photographic techniques. Her work is therefore not exclusively photography, but an interdisciplinary artistic expression. It is precisely this, what makes her work unique and a powerful bearer of the soul.

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Amsterdam, Lindengracht 35

Located in the beautiful centre of Amsterdam (the Jordaan) Kahmann Gallery embodies all that is photography. Founded in 2005, HUP Gallery was due to change its name to Kahmann Gallery in 2009. While the original concept was to focus purely on Dutch photographers, the scope has broadened over time to include equal volumes of work from international photog...

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Bondi Bathers Butterfly


25 x 50 x 0.1 cm

1200,00 €



40.64 x 40.64 cm

1865,32 €



40 x 30 cm

320,00 €