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Single piece Signed Dated Titled Framed



56 x 77 cm
22 x 30.31 in







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The measurements shown include the frame. The work is mostly acrylic, however, it includes the use of threads and gesso to add texture. As well as two small pieces of mirror and some piece of paper that contains glitter. Varnished.

1969 Comodoro Rivadavia, Argentina

Mi vocación y pasión por el arte, me llevó a colaborar en diferentes espacios con distintos artistas. Siempre pensé el arte como una forma de encontrarse, conocerse, expresar, experimentar y sentir el arte como una forma de libertad.
Desde mis inicios como artista y creativa, incursioné experimentando en las obras con la materialidad y distintas técnicas artísticas.
Realicé estudios en dibujo y pintura con los docentes y artistas Richar Ortiz y Susana Ahualli, y conocí la acuarela de la mano de Daniel “Pito” Campos y Ana Calderón. Participé de distintas exhibiciones grupales,como expositora y como organizadora.
Actualmente coordino las clases de arte en mi atelier. 

Con mis obras el objetivo es transmitir, en trazos y colores, mis emociones y sentimientos porque el arte moviliza y genera en el espectador nuevas vivencias y nos acerca de un modo distinto, generando un nuevo vínculo.


My vocation and passion for art have led me to collaborate in various spaces with different artists. I have always regarded art as a means of encounter, self-discovery, expression, experimentation, and freedom.

From my early beginnings as an artist and creative individual, I have delved into exploring materiality and various artistic techniques in my works. I have pursued studies in drawing and painting under the guidance of teachers and artists such as Richar Ortiz and Susana Ahualli, and I have had the opportunity to become acquainted with watercolor through the teachings of Daniel "Pito" Campos and Ana Calderón. I have taken part in various group exhibitions, both as an exhibitor and organizer.
Currently, I oversee the art classes at my studio.

Through my artworks, my objective is to convey my emotions and feelings through strokes and colors because art mobilizes and generates new experiences for the viewer, bringing us closer in a different way and forging new connections.

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Buenos Aires,

Vie D'Artiste is a group of artists with the intention of creating a link between talented creatives and art lovers in its various disciplines. The group believes that art has the ability to change people's lives forever, enriching them and growing with them at all times. They are convinced that there is a particular work that manages to "connect" with the ...

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