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240 EUR

Bali Pattern #2




40 x 40 cm
15.75 x 16 in







Prints on fabric

1993 Milano, Italy

Cecilia Battaini born in 1993.

Illustrator and surface designer, born and raised in Milan. He approaches the botanical drawing as a teenager, during a hospitalization due to mental disorders. What began as a therapy quickly became a passion, which led her to learn how to draw all sorts of flowers and plants in pencil. During his studies in Fashion Design and Print & Pattern Design, between the Marangoni Institute in Milan and Central Saint Martins in London, and a job with a fashion brand, he discovered the world of patterns and surface design, which completely revolutionized his artistic research. Her pencil floral designs are now computer scanned and arranged into patterns through Photoshop. The digital files thus obtained are suitable for a variety of uses, being able to be printed on a wide range of products. His paintings are in fact made by printing his patterns on fabric, but he also collaborates with wallpaper, clothing, furniture, cosmetics and stationery brands, licensing his creations or creating them on commission. His illustrations have appeared in magazines, books and websites, as well as being for sale in various products on numerous print-on-demand sites.

“Focusing mainly on flowers and the plant world, I sometimes define myself as a flower among flowers. My art is the expression of my inner garden, of all my dreams, thoughts, sensations, emotions and moods. The flowers seem delicate and vulnerable in appearance, yet at the same time they are incredibly strong and resistant, able to grow even in environments such as the desert. Places like this and others, visited during my travels, are a continuous source of inspiration, which pushed me to divide my creations into real collections. Others of them take their names from my inner journey, the one that, starting from my mental disorders, has brought me here. "

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Milan, Via Romolo Gessi, 28

Looking For Art Gallery is a place of artistic and cultural exchange for hundreds of under 35 artists gravitating around our project. The final goal is to create new and better growth opportunities for young artists, who can find in our Gallery a place where they can express, experiment and share art in all its facets. It is a space where innovation and de...

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