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Drawing Box



200 x 200 x 10 cm
78.74 x 79 x 3.94 in




Video & Installation



Medium: Variable materials

2018 , Germany

In her artwork she investigates the spatial possibilities of drawing. She renders relationships between two-dimensional and three-dimensional space, with a special focus on structures and objects that collapse/expand, fold/unfold, and that are portable when closed. Intertwined with this research, she reflects on our relationship with nature and what we define as such, in an increasingly manipulated and constructed environment, condi-tioned by culture. She builds portable and nomadic structures that can acquire several configurations and adapt to different spaces and places. Working in a variety of formats such as large size installations, works on paper, books or fabric works, she incorporates into the work’s narrative the potential of each piece to be manipulated and transformed.

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Lisbon, R. Joly Braga Santos, Lote F – R/c

Located in Lisbon, Carlos Carvalho gallery was designed by the well-known Aires Mateus team of architects and has independent exhibition halls which allows it to present an exhibition programme that may hold different supports and spatial solutions. The gallery maintains a programme of about seven exhibitions per year, at least one group, often organised by ...

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