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Mothers of the desert



70 x 100 cm
27.56 x 39 in







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"A character with her face covered by a red cloak and her body wrapped in a white blanket forming a peculiar geometric configuration, stands in the middle of a berm dividing a heavily traveled road; her dehumanized silhouette ripples in the wind. Her reckless quietness defies the street's agitation and violence.

Another character, this time with her face uncovered, standing on the shore of the sea, evokes a sort of strange bishop or a surreal image of a nun. The character spits milk in a gesture with maternal, sexual and confrontational overtones, swims into the sea and disappears from our sight.

In this briefly described video-performance, Bazo's characters are also abstract forms, symmetrical figures whose silhouette mark their actions. In a way, the forms themselves "perform." Bazo alludes to sewing, design and behavioral patterns. Each form limits the possibilities of action: it limits or facilitates certain movements and responses to the environment. In that sense, rather than hiding, her characters." 
Max Hernandez, curator.

1968 Lima, United States

Carolina Bazo combines engraving, painting, sculpture and installation. She studied at the Faculty of Art of the Pontifical Catholic University of Peru PUCP from which she graduated from the painting speciality and studied at Akademie der Bildenden Kunste, München, with Professor Weisshar. She has exhibited individual exhibitions in the Peruvian galleries Cecilia González Arte Contemporáneo, Forum, 80m2 and Artco; in the galleries, Sara León and the Canary Islands Preserve of Spain and in the La Fábrica de Guatemala gallery, among others.

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