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55.9 x 76.2 cm
22.01 x 30 in


1250,00 €

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  • About the work
Medium: Sumi ink on Watercolor Paper. Alves, colorblind artist, who only sees in shades of grey, uses mixed media to create colorful, intricate, and engaging artworks. Alves finds inspiration in many ways from: day to day life, in the form of his dreams, flashes he sees in his mind’s eye. Before starting a work, Alves sends up a silent prayer and also uses a blessed oil, which is a symbolic act, because he believes that act of praying and blessing his work with the oil, opens a door with the cosmos which then allows him to receive those images and transfer them through all the different materials that used to create his mixed media pieces.

About the Artist

1964 , Brazil

Carlos Alves was born in the countryside town of Monte Castelo, in Brazil to a multi-cultured home and environment that introduced him not only to the corporate world, but also the world of yarns and threads, as his mother’s family heralds from Italy and brought along a strong tradition of needlework, which can interestingly be seen in Alves’ ...

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55.9 x 76.2 cm

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Miami, 1800 North Bayshore Drive

The Directed Art Modern is a Miami-based contemporary art platform delivering public art projects, creating connections between art and the public, building the young collectors' inventory, aiding both emerging and established artists in their careers. ...

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Drawings & Works on Paper

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