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31.6 x 31.6 x 5 cm
12.44 x 12 x 1.97 in


15500,00 €

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  • About the work

Brian Eno's lightbox seamlessly phase through an infinite combination of seductive 'colourscapes' using a series of interwoven LED lights. By extending temporal boundaries with a work that seemingly has no beginning or end, no finality, Eno 'encourages people to stay in one place for a while'.

About the Artists

1948 woodbridge, United Kingdom

Brian Eno (Woodbridge GB, 1948) is surely one of the most influential voices in the realm of art and contemporary music, since the early Seventies. He researches the slowness in an iper-fast world, he’s the inventor of the “ambient-music” and of the “generative art”, represented by installations that the visitors can watch calmly, as well as sound experiments that take his music in orchestral horizons.

Eno’s Lenticulars are an example of this art lenses, using a particular medium, give to the printed image the illusion of depth and the sense of animation; it gives movement to what would be a static abstract shape; we are in front of a work “which one can look at and walk away from as one would a painting: it sits still and you move.”

This is possible through the convergence of different media by which the music has been slowed down, becoming like a picture, while the picture has been “animated” so it becomes like music; there’s a will of link different elements, mix up their roles, their functions in order to arrive at the point in which space and time fuse together. The starting point are the Lightboxes of the Sixities, through an infinite selection of self-generating “colourscapes”. The work seems to have no begin and no end, it encourages people to stay “in one place for a while”.

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31.6 x 31.6 x 5 cm

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