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agens XLI


Single piece Signed Dated Titled Framed

From the series agens


agens XLI

13 x 18 cm
5 x 7.09 in







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oil on canvas

1970 , Germany

Music was visualized right from the start of abstract painting. Whether with Kandinsky or Paul Klee, both artists attempted to represent music in the course of their work. It is similar with Bernhard Paul. Bernhard Paul is a lover of modern classical music, from composers like Eric Satie, Wolfgang von Schweinitz, Georg Friedrich Haas and Edgar Varese. The musical work of those artists serves as the inspiration for Bernhard Paul's non-representational painting. However, it is not the tones, as with Kandinsky, or the recognition of the pieces that are essential for Bernhard Paul's work, but rhythm and beat. By repeatedly applying different colored, glazed brushstrokes, a rhythm is created on the canvas. The works created in series are characterized by a uniform brushstroke that is applied to the canvas in different ways, vertically, horizontally or diagonally. Other works stand out due to their teardrop-shaped brushstrokes, which create an unusual flatness and depth.

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Berlin, Schönleinstr. 25

In 2012 Anna Franek launched the Anna25 project in Munich. The exhibition project held a 25- hour exhibition every three months, always on the twenty-fifth of the month, in different locations. In the same year the gallery owner moved into her permanent exhibition space in Berlin Kreuzberg with the Anna25 gallery. The focus of the Anna25 gallery is on esta...

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Motion – Pictures / Telephotography


80 x 120 cm


agens XXV


13 x 18 cm

450,00 €

Optical 20111


203.2 x 91.44 x 5.08 cm

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