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Ninfa Fluida 20PG-VOJ hs Discover the best available selection of paintings by the artist Benjamin Ottoz. Buy from art galleries around the world with Kooness!
1200 EUR

Ninfa Fluida 20PG-VOJ hs


Dated Titled Framed

1200,00 €


40 x 30 cm
15.75 x 12 in






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Créteil, France

Benjamin Ottoz graduated from the Beaux-arts de Nantes in 2009 and continued his studies at the UFR Création et Étude des Arts Contemporains at the Université Lille 3.

In 2011, he participated in the 56th Salon de Montrouge; he was then invited by the Musée d'art et d'Industrie La Piscine in Roubaix to create an in situ installation as part of a solo exhibition.

After several group exhibitions in France and abroad, he participates in several residencies, he receives in 2015 the grant for creation (Hauts de France) for his project Serendipity.

Since then, Benjamin Ottoz continues and expands the fields of this project; it is notably presented by the galleries La Peau de l'Ourse in Brussels and Double V Galerie in Marseille.

Based in Brussels, Benjamin Ottoz continues his research around the image and the imprint.

Benjamin Ottoz is a painter who works with paper.

Initially he crumples, folds and models this raw material like a sculptor. The reliefs obtained are then painted by spraying paint, the color projected in fine particles then impregnates the roughness of the paper to make trace.

The artist then proceeds to the flattening of his support, by a particular technique of marouflage.

The result is paintings with an almost photographic rendering, made of micro particles of projected pigments. These wallpapers are like documents testifying to different moments of workshops; the passage from volume to plane, from white to color.

In a principle of immanence, the paper is both the support and the subject, the actor and the scene; somewhere it is what it represents. The artist shows us several intertwined temporalities, these paintings are like spectres, situated "between"; sending us back beyond and right here. From the paper towards an elsewhere.

In pareidolia these images inevitably lead us to other territories and other stories: mountainous landscapes, draperies, water eddies ...

Like so many echoes of perceptions already experienced and specific to each.

It is also an intimate look at the history of painting, like a zoom into the very matter of other painters, from the framings taken from the paintings that nourish the artist; from cave paintings to baroque draperies...

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Paris, -

The Maison Contemporain gallery was founded in February 2020. It specializes in the representation of emerging French and international artists. Maison contemporain represents today a selection of more than 300 artists to offer for sale more than 5,000 works of art all mediums combined. Recognized for the quality of the artists presented, Maison contempora...

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The Medusa Quartet


30 x 7.5 cm

500,00 €



20 x 20 cm

650,00 €

Antidote Drawing #7


46 x 61 cm

900,00 €