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What Remains is Fading Quickly 2




35 x 40 cm
13.78 x 16 in







Hand built ceramic sculpture of bleached and endangered reef species

1986 , Brazil

Beatriz Chachamovits is a visual artist, marine researcher and educator from São Paulo, Brazil living and working in Miami, Florida. She has a Bachelor in Fine Arts from Fundação Armando Alvares Penteado (FAAP) and is the author and illustrator of the highly recommendable prized book Pequeno Manual de Peixes Marinhos e outras maravailhas aquáticas (The little handbook of marine fishes and other aquatic marvels), published by Comapanhia das Letrinhas. Beatriz has been a resident at The Studios of Kew West at Key West, Florida where she had one of her longest period of hands-on research on the coral reef ecosystems of Florida. There she had the opportunity to further her research through partnerships and talks with institutions, scientists, historians, divers, fisherman and captains. She attended the Reef Futures 2018 seminars, visited Mote Marines facilities, did mangrove clean-ups with the Conch Republic Marine Army, dived with Southpoint divers, snorkeled around the Back Country to see the Sargassum forests and finally went to the Dry Tortugas National Park and Loggerhead Island to see how the isolated reefs are doing. She has exhibited in various institutions, galleries and museum around Brazil including in a scientific exhibition on the history of Brazilian Coral Reef at the Museum of National History of Rio de Janeiro that caught fire in September of 2018. She presented her work in three solo shows: Siphonophore: the fantastic underwater encyclopedia at Galeria Oscar Cruz in São Paulo in 2013, White Sea at Galeria Tato in São Paulo in 2017 and How to Dry Kill at Galeria Carambola in Rio de Janeiro in 2018. Recently, her work has been commissioned by the Underwater museum of art to be a part of their permanent and public underwater museum grounds off the shore of Grayton Beach, florida. She was also featured at Casa Cor Miami during Art Basel 2019 and was invited do participate on the show Florida Wild by the NGO Path of the Panther with local Miami artists and National Geographic photographers. This year, she participated on Transitional Nature, an exhibition at the Frost Art Museum featuring a collection of works from the Hudson River School of Art and environmentally concerned contemporary artists. Beatriz is an associate artist at The Bakehouse Art Complex and is currently part of their Summer Painting Program.

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North Miami Beach, FL, 791 NE 125 th St

The Contemporary Art Modern Project, (The CAMP), focuses on bringing exposure to the artist, without exposing the artist to exploitive practices rampant in the art world. Also part and parcel of this new venture is The Camp Gang, who through their own unique and creative insight add to the fresh approach of marrying the online world with the traditional art ...

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