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785 EUR

Cherry Kate


Signed Titled



76 x 76 cm
29.92 x 30 in







Cherry Kate


signed limited edition print

Paper Type : Archival Pigment print

Artwork of the supermodel Kate Moss

Made and signed by London based pop artist BATIK.

Edition sizes vary with the chosen paper size :

This size 30 x 30 " inches / 765 x 76 cm papower size Grande XL edition of 15

Other sizes 

Supergiant 3

Giant 5

Grande XL 15

Large 10

Luxe 35

Classical 50



BATIK is an increasingly collectable pop artist currently living and working in London. The artist is purposely elusive with their true identity, sex and age not known – preferring the works to take centre stage.

All pieces are limited edition, signed and numbered.



1971 London, United Kingdom

BATIK is a London based fine artist and image maker.

Subjects explored include popular culture, celebrity, sex, drugs and rock and roll.

The artist's identity remains purpusefully obscure as their wish is for the works to speak for themselves.

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London, 152 Arthur Rd

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