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  • About the work
Medium: rice paper, ink, acrylics, marble powder, iron, ash, applied on wooden frame and plastification finish. Barbara Colombo tecnique is based on the laying of several layers of rice paper one on top of the other. Each layer, upon the artist choice, is prepared with a selected color in different inks and oils and with powders obtained from various materials. Together with the selected color, some materials are used and applied in small bits or powder : wax, plaster, sand, rust, iron. The result is a leather like foil which is hardened by drying naturally and using a oven. After this stage, the result is applied with glues on a medium density wooden sheet and baked in a special oven. As final finiture a thin layer of plastic is applied and baked on the piece resulting in a uniform sealing of the surface.

About the Artist

1969 , Italy

Barbara Colombo was born in Vimercate (Milan, Italy) in 1969. She graduated in Painting at Accademia di Belle Arti Brera (Milan) in 1991. She currently lives and works in Milan. 

What Barbara Colombo proposes through her simple and direct language is a new aesthetic; in these works coexist the principles that are divided between "intuition and method", and between "subjectivity and objectivity" that lead to a balance between form, light and color reaching an extraordinary harmony of the whole.

What we can perceive in these works is the profound and intimist journey that the artist has made within himself and which translates into rippled and vibrant surfaces full of light and dense material.

The monolith slowly takes shape: sheets of rice paper are amalgamated with iron powders (finely dropped on the surface), bound with mordants, bitumen and other pigments; this mixture is superimposed on other layers of rice paper which are then applied to a masonite support. One layer after another of paper and matter give body to the work, whose surface ripples in contact with the heat that transforms the rice paper from a fragile support to a very solid surface. When the monolith has taken its definitive form the "ripples become landscapes of darkness and color", subtle reliefs in which light can creep into or become glare, but also hide and then re-emerge and dominate unchallenged. The pigments "crystallize into ribs" that modulate the surface and make it variable in contact with light: even the monoliths entirely black turn out to be very bright capable of reverberating light. The rippled and "baked" sheets become compact plates whose final result is the solidification of all that has happened before.

The rigor of the monolithic surfaces, the research of materials, the great attention paid to the creative process, the geometric abstraction as well as the pictorial and sculptural one are concentrated in elements of an uncommon simplicity and elegance such as the works of Barbara Colombo.

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