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Nola Girl with Umbrella Red Rain and Top


Signed Dated Titled



71.12 x 50.8 cm
28 x 20.00 in







(After) Banksy (b. approximately 1973 – 1975, England) “Nola, Girl with Umbrella” aka “Rain Girl” (2020) (AP V/XX) reproduction print inspired by a famed stencil image by graffiti artist Banksy. Measures 27.5 x 19.5 inches (70 x 50 cm.) unframed.   Signature imprimee (stamped.) Hand titled, numbered, dated. Comes with Certificate of Edition.  Nola (for New Orleans, Louisiana) depicts a young girl carrying an umbrella, with her hand reaching out from under the protection to feel the air.  The original graffiti spray-stencil artwork appeared during the artist’s visit to New Orleans in 2008 as a mural on a wall of a building, likely referring to Hurricane Katrina that had left the city in devastation not long before. Prints of this image have been created in different color variations.

, United Kingdom

Banksy was born in 1974, in England. He is a graffiti artist from Bristol, who is famous for his artworks, widespread all over the world. Despite his success, nobody knows his real name, due to the artist’s will to carefully keep his real name from the mainstream media. He is known for his original technique, which allows to distinguish his artworks immediately. In particular, he uses a combination with a distinctive stencilling technique, in order to promote alternative aspects of politics.                                                                                                     There are different opinions about his work: someone believe that his works improve the quality of the urban environment where they are placed, giving a voice to the people who cannot express themselves; others think that his work is an example of vandalism or that his political beliefs (apparently left wing) are not shared by the majority of the inhabitants of the environments that he decorate. However, thanks to the secrecy around his real identity and his subversive character, Banksy has achieved somewhat of a cult following from some of the younger age group within the stencilling community.

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Cathedral City, CA,

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