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September Selfie


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140 x 160 cm
55.12 x 63 in







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Oil painting on canvas

In her large-scale portraiture, Aylin also layers brushstrokes or fields of color to achieve a non-hierarchical, non-linear orientation. The technique of layering heavily diluted oil colors implies transparency and temporality.

1983 Istanbul, Turkey

Aylin Yavuz studied art at the universities of Siegen, Düsseldorf, Dortmund and Istanbul. Since 2005 she has been contributing to the arts with graphics, installations and paintings.

Besides art, she also gives lectures and workshops at universities, museums and schools. She lives and works between Düsseldorf and Istanbul.

In her drawings and paintings, Aylin Yavuz integrates aspects of the present, filtered through a post-modern and aesthetic approach, leaving room for the viewer's imagination. The artist gives her paintings a certain irony and a touch of humor. She achieves this by selecting positions, associations and exaggerating the symbolism of various objects by contrasting color spaces.

Deconstruction and composition, addition and simultaneity, combination and allusion are her artistic methods. His colors appear in layers based on the idea that everything is connected, thus functioning as an indicator within the work. Shying away from any striking and dramatic effect, Aylin Yavuz tends to capture the viewer's calm and contemplative mind, but with a light heart. Aylin Yavuz eliminates the standard concept of beauty and offers through her art a different perception, beyond the criteria of conventional aesthetics.

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Francourville ( Chartres), 7 place Saint Fiacre

JLF Gallery was created to promote artists and to contribute to the diffusion of their paintings, sculptures and other works, without language or cultural barriers. The limited and targeted choice of artists presented is of course the result of the quality of the work and the human qualities of the artist but is also fed by my instinct and my emotions. Dedic...

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l’importance dune ouverture


121.92 x 121.92 x 5.08 cm

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