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800 EUR



Signed Dated Titled



51.6 x 59.4 cm
20.31 x 23 in







Baryt archival silk smooth acid-free paper

1991 Johannesburg, South Africa

A multidisciplinary artist, visual communication designer and ideator. 

Born in Springs, east of Johannesburg, Ayanda Phasha creates inspiring, visually sustainable solutions for our dynamic generation. As a multi-talented artist, designer and entrepreneur, her expansive range of skills include photography, drawing, painting, visual communication design and creative brand advisory.

Through her simple yet tasteful approach to art and design, her work is always underpinned by a strong conceptual foundation. After acquiring a post-graduate degree in Graphic Design from the University of Johannesburg in 2013, Ayanda ensued her career as a designer in some of South Africa’s renowned creative agencies. Her primary passion in the visual communication space includes layout design, illustration, exploring colour and texture dynamics, as well as storytelling through visuals. 

Ayanda has continued to develop her interest in the arts, producing a range of paintings, fine-line drawings, photography and mixed-media collages. She has created compelling artworks for a wide clientele including musicians, best-seller authors and publishers as well as corporate brands. Ayanda’s artistry and book cover design flair has been recognized by the African Honoree Authors Awards (2021), the Africa Book and Design Festival (wherein a number of the titles she designed were shortlisted for honors) as well as winning a national book cover design competition by PanMacmillan South Africa. Drawing inspiration from her love of African literature and fashion, Ayanda’s recent bold yet graceful photographic collages, from the group exhibition Bathini Abafazi at Gallery Fanon, grapple with the intense and necessary process of self-consolidation in the context of womanhood. 

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Photography 51.6 x 59.4cm

900,00 €

Trinity I

Photography 51.6 x 59.4cm

800,00 €

Trinity II

Photography 51.6 x 59.4cm

800,00 €

To Gather

Photography 51.6 x 59.4cm

800,00 €

Second Nature

Photography 51.6 x 59.4cm

800,00 €



Gallery Fanon is motivated by a belief that a gallery can be culturally and socially impactful. The gallery's goal is to promote exceptional artistic thinking and provide a community space in Joburg CBD for discourse and creativity. Working across all contemporary and traditional art forms, Gallery Fanon empowers the local Johannesburg art scene, while infor...

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"D Miles Self Portrait"


31.75 x 42.33418 cm

615,13 €

The Beast Of Yellowstone


93.98 x 134.62 cm