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Single piece Signed


23 x 72 cm
9.06 x 28 in




Acrylic , Mixed Media , Paintings , Textile



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Acrylic, silk thread, kimono fabric on resined wood panel

, Japan

Graduated from Joshibi University of Art and Design, Department of Design and Crafts (Tokyo, Japan). After working as graphic designer in a publicity agency, she started creating her own artworks in the 1990s. Recently she is working on mixed-media collages using kimono fabric, silk threads, acrylic painting and resin on wood. Using the old kimono from her family, these works move through time and pass down the memory and history from one generation to the next. She lives and works in Chiba, Japan.

Artist’s statement:

"When I was a child, I had a kimono that my grandmother had tailored for me wishing that I could be a confident woman wearing it. The first time I wore this kimono that I had admired for a long time, I felt happy and proud of myself, and that gave me a great chance to find who I am as a woman. In our tradition, many kimonos are handed over from mother to daughter and to the next generation, and one after and so on, tying a bond between mothers and daughters. Embracing this idea, my creation represents my wish to formulate the intimacy and the emotional acceptance that exist deep inside Japanese women by crafting kimonos that are actually worn. My artwork, which creates a composition out of the kimono, the stitches and the colors, finished by resin coating, develops its own vision of the world. It is my pleasure to create kimonos in an entirely new way and pass them on to those who appreciate the uniqueness of the art."

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