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2200 EUR






30 x 20 cm
11.81 x 8 in







Oil on canvas

1933 , Italy

He was born in Lucca and in this city he has his studio in the Piazza dell'Anfiteatro.

After completing his classical studies, he discovered at an early age the expressive qualities of drawing, supporting an inclination to the fabulous tale that he later maintained, even through careful observation of the "human comedy".

He came to painting, self-taught, from drawing and illustration.

Its formative occasions have been ideal and elective, fruit of the intellectual curiosity and of the literary and artistic culture that had breathed since child in the family, ranging from the Greek-Roman classicism to the modern and contemporary age and with a particular predilection for the experiences of more vivacious and involving fantastic cut. He has traveled extensively and met various people and cultures, but always returns to Lucca where he lives and has his studio in the heart of the city, a magical place that collects, like a huge suitcase, the evidence of his "excursions" in the world.


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Teramo, Viale Francesco Crucioli, 140

Natale 1983. A Palma di Maiorca si spegne all’età di 90 anni il genio di Joan Mirò, lasciando un segno profondissimo nella sua epoca, un tratto inconfondibile che attraversa idealmente il mare e le terre emerse, per venire a farsi dedica a Teramo, dove un appassionato cultore dell’arte apre una galleria, che intitola, in segno di omaggio, proprio al gr...

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Conversations (Abstract painting)


82 x 94 cm

2300,00 €

Orchidee Rouge


100 x 100 cm

3731,34 €