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4600 EUR

Le origini


Single piece Titled



125 x 185 cm
49.21 x 73 in







Charcoal and acrylic on osb plywood panel.

The women portrayed by Di Falco, often with their backs turned or their faces in profile, are caught in a moment of solitude and contemplation where, as in a sort of rebus, the artist inserts symbolic and evocative elements of the intimate and spiritual condition of their individual lives. The settings are always interiors with visions of the outdoors: windows open up, widening the field of vision, precisely because in another place, outside those rooms, is the person awaited or the moment remembered. For Di Falco's female figures, waiting does not represent frustration or pain, but rather that dimension of reunion with oneself and with the beloved that lives and is nourished precisely in situations of absence of the other and of distance. Di Falco takes us back to a romantic vision of feelings, where, however, the component of excruciating pain and torment seems to be absent: his figures seem more characterised by soft and sensual melancholy.


1973 Napoli, Italy

Antonio Di Falco continually explores the inner world to the point of wanting to probe the deepest emotions.

His art, made up of signs, symbols and archetypes, is distinguished by his incessant search for an inner gravity that goes beyond the speed of time imposed by the world. The artist's works represent instantaneous flashes of his own sensations and wounds, leading to constant reflection on the need to live one's emotions, even the strongest ones, in order to make them eternal in the subsequent memory. The materials used, with their characteristic warm colour, are strongly linked to nature, traditions and their land of origin.

The two-dimensional works executed on panels of pressed wood (common in construction sites) are characterised by an evident stratification of natural colours, alternating soft and smooth parts; the author alternates caressing gestures with increasingly strong and incisive interventions, using natural charcoal, which, flowing along the stratifications, shatters, making that moment eternal. The sculptures made from pieces of tree returned from the stormy sea and collected from the beaches of his own land, are characterised by the minimal intervention by the artist who brings them back to a new life, a priori recognising a new form.

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1800,00 €


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Paintings 83 x 125cm

2400,00 €


Milano, Via S. Maurilio, 14

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