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Gris Argentín


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77 x 97 x 5 cm
30.31 x 38 x 1.97 in







ANTONI TAPIES; "Gris Argentín", 1984

TECHNIQUE; Multi-colour lithograph on Rives paper

MEASUREMENTS; Print 39 x 50,5cm ; Paper 54 x 74 cm; Frame 77 x 97cm

NUMBER; 50 out of a series of 90 copies

PUBLISHED; Erker-Presse, St. Gallen


ANTONI TAPIES; “Gris Argentín”, 1984

TECNICA; Litografía a varias tintas sobre papel Rives

MEDIDAS; Huella 39 x 50,5cm ; Papel 54 x 74 cm; Marco 77 x 97cm

NUMERO; 50 sobre una serie de 90 ejemplares

EDITADA; Erker-Presse, St. Gallen



Gris Argentín, Argentinian Grey, 1984

This work by Antoni Tàpies is framed modern and in perfect condition. Signed by the artist in pencil, it is a multi-colour lithograph on Rives paper published by Erker-Presse, St. Gallen in an edition of 90 copies. It demonstrates a perspective that highlights the artist's interest in overcoming the separation between art and life, recontextualising him beyond the informal current in which he has been pigeonholed and bringing him closer to the international movements of action art. This work comes from the collection of Fernando Fernán Gómez (son).


Gris Argentín, 1984

Esta Obra de Antoni Tàpies se encuentra enmarcada moderna y en perfecto estado. Firmado por el Artista Tàpies a lápiz, se trata de una Litografía en varias tintas sobre Papel Rives  editada por Erker-Presse, St. Gallen en una edición de 90 ejemplares. Demuestra una  perspectiva que permite destacar el interés del artista por superar la separación entre arte y vida, recontextualizándolo más allá de la corriente informalista en las que se le ha encasillado y acercándolo a los movimientos internacionales del arte de acción. Esta Obra procede de la colección de Fernando Fernán Gómez (hijo).

1923 , Spain

Antoni Tàpies (Barcelona, 1923-2012) Antoni Tàpies’ first artistic attempts began during a long convalescence following a serious illness, after which his increasing dedication to painting and drawing led him to abandon his university education. By the 1940s, he was already exhibiting work that distinguished him among the artistic scene of the moment. Co-founder of the magazine Dau al Set in 1948, and influenced by Miró and Klee, he became increasingly interested in iconographic and magical subjects. He gradually began to incorporate geometrical elements and colour studies leading to an interest in matter through the use of heavily textured canvases of great expressive and communicative possibilities. With these works, Tàpies achieved international recognition by the mid-1950s. In the 1960s, he began incorporating new iconographic elements (writing, signs, anthropomorphic elements, footprints and references to the Catalan situation), and new technical methods (new surfaces, use of everyday objects and varnish). Tàpies’ pictorial language has continued to develop ever since, resulting in a creative and productive body of work that is admired throughout the world.

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Cuenca - Ibiza, C/Tintes, 11

Art Gallery dedicated to Contemporary Art, which presents the work of internationally renowned artists such as Fernando Zóbel, Antonio Saura, Luis Feito, Antoni Tapies, Luis Gordillo, Juan Genovés and many others. Casa Zobel works to promote the emerging artists Diego Forriol and Emilio Cárdenas. They are interested in the abstract expressionism that ...

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1200,00 €



50 x 70 cm

255,00 €