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300 EUR

Joker Skull


Single piece Signed Titled



50 x 65 cm
19.69 x 26 in







Acrylic painting

Ready to frame, Mint condition, Certificate of Authenticity

1980 Strasbourg, France

The street artist known as Antistatik was born in 1980 in Strasbourg, France, where he still lives and works.

Although his artistic beginnings had him involved in the graffiti scene by 1993, Antistatik was conceived in 1998 originally, when a group of friends formed a collective of artists (or vice versa), which included himself, and decided to work together. They came from different countries, each of them had full autonomy regarding their own work, the goal not to submit to traditional graffiti styles and the need to bring something new, maybe influenced by their interests in architecture, illustration, music, as well as different techniques and materials. Not bothered by authorship matters, they all painted walls under the name Antistatik.

But when art galleries requested that he worked with them, soon it became clear he ought to sign his own name, not on behalf of the group act. He got to keep the Antistatik name going solo, the rest of the crew chose Orbit 119. Always the artist’s artist however, he has always continued contributing to the development of other European graffiti artists.

Letters used to represent the basis of his work, expressed from an experimental perspective, with a new approach. This authentic style of lettering on both walls and canvases and the introduction of Graffuturism is what made him well-known worldwide. He coined the term Graffuturism with his friends to gather and identify the artwork by him and his colleagues.

In his amazing and authentic style, which he struggled to establish at one point, mainly of geometrical shapes and bright colors, he conveys emotions of anger, violence or brutality in pieces that almost seem architectural. Occasionally, he turns his great talent to pop culture figures or activism. Call it precise abstract or imaginative realism.

In 2009, he joined Molotow™, a company specialized in spray technology, he paints murals and participates in their product demonstrations. He remains Molotow™’s resident artist today.

Antistatik is notably prolific and during the last couple of decades has produced numerous artworks on walls, canvases and paper, and various large-scale projects including a mural on the front of a 12-story building.

Corner4art has collaborated with Antistatik, distributing his artwork, since 2018 and with us he has come up with a special superheroes, comics, and animation art-based series.

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Corner4art today, remains an art gallery run by an art dealer business family, whose members are proud to continue being a reference point for collectors of Fine Art, Comic Art, Animation Art and collectible memorabilia since 1998, distributing art for discerning collectors worldwide, now from our base of operations in Sitges, a lovely seaside town South of ...

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