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Peonies in Copper Jug


Single piece Signed Dated Titled



51 x 61 cm
20.08 x 24 in







London, United Kingdom

Annam Butt (b.1988) is a British Pakistani artist based in London. She trained in the methods of the old masters at the London Fine Art atelier where she also teaches part time. Her work explores themes of the Orient, still-lives with narrative and figurative work often all painted from life. Collecting macabre objects of curiosity and antiquity she uses these objects to build narrative in her work.

Annam was consecutively awarded the De Laszlo scholarship in 2018-2019 to help aid her exploration in her craft, it is through the scholarship that she discovered the works of The Orientalists which sparked her obsession with representation of all kinds in her work. Her preferred medium is oil paints and charcoal but is not limited to them.


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