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At Lambro Parc


Single piece Signed Titled



38 x 28 cm
14.96 x 11 in







Mixed media on canvas - 1990 circa

At Lambro park: work by the contemporary artist Anna Antola. A cheerful woman, with her cheeks colored by strawberry-red cheeks, and a cat observing her, are the two subjects of the work realized by the milanese artist. The two are located in Lambro Park, a famous green area of Milan, and the crowns of trees carry the warm and characteristic shades of fall season., thanks to a learned use that Antola makes of watercolors. The surface of the canvas is not uniform, due to the textile inserts recreating the lace of her bonnet and blouse, by capturing the eye of the observer. The atmosphere is quiet and peaceful, with a hint of naïveté and frivolousness, typical of the works of this painter who gives to everyday life scenes a sensual touch thanks to sinuous lines made alive by bright shades.
The work is signed on the right bottom, and titled on the lefs bottom by the artist.

1930 Milan, Italy

Anna Àntola was born in Milan, in 1930. She was very attached to her hometown.

Her paint is considered naïf. It's characterized by bright colours and dreamful atmospheres fluctuate between her protagonists' unconscius (principally women) and a fairy world.

She studied at first at the Art School of Castello Sforzesco and then at Brera Accademy in Milan; during theese years she meets Masters as Domenico Cantatore e Carlo Carrà. She loves art and music since when she was young, she travelled very much to study the great past painting: Impressionism, 19th Century Masters and her true love, Pablo PIcasso.

Her women are soft and sensual, pleasent and eccentric. Anna Àntola tell their dreams, passions and wishes in a dreamful Milan, with its narrow streets, places and dreamlike glimpses.

Basic shapes and flat colours recall the 19yh century Expressionism, from Matisse to Gauguin. Intense hues and marked outline to describe a fantastic feminine universe with humor and sensuality.

Today we can find many works of her in many Italian and European museums, from Helsinki to Lisbon.

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Milano, Via Carlo Pisacane 36

Pisacane Arte is a contemporary and modern art gallery situated in Milan. With over 300 mq of space, the gallery organizes exhibitions, events and cultural conferences in order to encourage the encounter between artists, collectors and art lovers. The art gallery offers artworks by historicized and emerging artists, with a particular attention to pop and st...

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52 x 67.5 cm

1300,00 €