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1600 EUR

The Hippo Who Swallowed The Nommo


Single piece Signed Dated Titled



100 x 70 x 4 cm
39.37 x 28 x 1.57 in







Unique Original

Acrylic On Stretched Canvas

The Dogon race originated in Africa, but were forced to leave ancient Egypt due to religious persecutions.
They have a powerful cosmic connection, the sky being of extreme importance to them.
The sky god Amma created the very first living creatures known as the Nommo. The Nommo are ancestral spirits, and are amphibious, hermaphroditic, fish-like creatures.
The hippo absorbs the mythology into current time. The symbols in the background are African in origin and imbue the hanging space with positive energy.
The painting brings the rich heritage of Africa into the modern day context.

Cape Town, South Africa

Ann is a vibrant and prolific artist and author. She was voted in 2020 as one of South Africa's top 50 female artists. 
She initially became known for her ‘ewe/sheep’ series of work. Whilst maintaining her ironic humour she has painted a number of other series of works, including ‘Wild Life’ ‘Zulu Lulu’ and a 'Going to the Dogs' series. 
A reoccurring theme in her work is a play on words and use of popular jargon. Her quirky, humorous, yet profoundly insightful art, allows the viewer not only to laugh at themselves, but to examine many of the absurd aspects of life. 
She has written and/or illustrated 22 books. 

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Julie Miller African Contemporary features emerging and established artists from Africa and the diaspora. Our Art Gallery is based in Johannesburg, South Africa and our e-Commerce business is based in North America. We opened our first gallery in 2016 in the Mall of Africa, Midrand, South Africa. In 2020 we relocated to Craighall Park, Johannesburg and ch...

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