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2520 EUR

Verlorenes Mosaik





50 x 50 cm
19.69 x 20 in







, Germany


Anke Tamm was born in Frankfurt in 1947, the daughter of a ceramist. Her training in the ballet of the city theater fostered her visual receptiveness and ability to represent, which also affected the development of her artistic abilities. Due to the system, it was not possible for her to take up an artistic profession and so, after an apprenticeship as a mechanic with studies, she took up a career in law. After the political change in East Germany, she was able to start her own business as the owner of a boutique for high-quality fashion. Her sense for aesthetics, taste and design led to a trustful and very successful cooperation with a demanding clientele.


Exhibitions & Art Fairs (Selection):

Contact with renowned designers, visiting international art fairs, designing her own exhibitions in Germany and participating in group exhibitions in Austria, the USA and China constantly challenged and encouraged her.


The artist about his work:

"I am fascinated by abstract painting. I combine a variety of techniques, mix and create my sensations with the most diverse and latest materials. In my works I try to express feelings and my views. My personal style clear, monochrome, smart, elegant is always found in my works and captivates the viewer."

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Berlin, Friedrichstraße

The gallery was established in August 2012 founded by Rusa Makowski and is located in the heart of Berlin, at the Gendarmenmarkt, Friedrichstrassee. The gallery focuses on international and contemporary works of art, from the the fields of Painting, Graphic, Photography and Sculptures . The works, issued by Makowski Rusa, are partly from established artists,...

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Gioconda (1)


90 x 60 cm

Untitled (Set of 13)


29.46 x 24.13 cm