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960 EUR

Natura morta con tempio


Single piece Signed Dated Titled



50 x 40 cm
19.69 x 16 in







Oil on cotton canvas on multilayer

1950 Regalbuto (Enna), Italy

Angelo Licari was born in Regalbuto, in the province of Enna, on April 4th 1950.  Here he spends his childhood in contact with the most authentically true nature of the Sicilian hinterland.  In adolescence, he moved to Catania where he completed his middle studies and, later, the artistic ones at the Art Institute of Catania and the Academy of Fine Arts.

In 1976 he moved to the north, in the province of Varese, where he undertook the teaching profession in parallel with the artistic activity that unceasingly carries out, participating in various exhibitions of painting, collectives and personals. Here, for the human and cultural experiences that mark his art, he moves on to the so-called “metaphysical” period, during which he undertakes to break down the image, overlapping scenes of characters intent on their daily occupations in the Sicilian inland countries.

In 1990, upon returning to his beloved land, the experience gained perfectly consolidated his artistic personality, but the research and investigation of the various aspects of reality continue to manifest itself in a progressive, further evolution of his art, which passes from a social realism transfigured and sublimated by an expressionist technique, to a final landing, close to the artists of the Transavantgarde and Neoexpressionism, a sort of “youthful” that uses traditional pictorial techniques to express a modern and even virtual world.

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2210,00 €



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