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1500 EUR



Dated Titled



100 x 100 cm
39.37 x 39 in







Oil on canvas

1990 Milano, Italy

Angelica De Rosa was born in May 1990. In 2015 she obtained a Master’s Degree in Painting at the Academy of Fine Art of Brera, Milan, with the thesis entitled The body as an opening: the experience of being there, published in 2016 by Edizioni Accademiche Italiane and available on Amazon .it. In 2013-2014 she spent a period of six months of study at the École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts de Lyon, France. In 2013 she obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Painting at the Academy of fine arts of Brera, Milan, with the thesis entitled “The sounds of the matter”. Her interest for art and for the artistic expression stems from the evocative possibilities of the images, whether they are created by more traditional means, such as painting and sculpture, or the results of polyhedral interactions between body, sound and video. In her research one of the most important things is the sound, that is not something that we can hear with our ears, but is understood as a sensitive presence that, guarded by the materiality of things, can be perceived by those souls who can hear. Under this perspective, the colour often emerges as a search of a particular vibration. Most of the time her images refer to dreamlike landscapes, one can think about soul landscapes through colors and gestures, and try to feel a specific atmosphere. She lives and works in Milan.

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Baranzate (MI), -

Hysteria Art is focused on Contemporary Artists from Italy and different part of the world. Every category has a mood to tell what is the research of the artists chosen. […] It’s holding me, morphing me And forcing me to strive To be endlessly cold within And dreaming I’m alive ‘Cause I want it now I want it now Give me your heart and your ...

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The Sweet Life Lollipop- Orange


50.8 x 15.24 x 5.08 cm


Drawing For Sewing 3


199.9 x 100.08 x 5.08 cm