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  • About the work

Mixed media on canvas

2018 circa

Canvas realized exclusively for the first personal Tosh Exhibition in Milan "Vintage - Pop".

This work ironic and funny represents the Miss of the 60's iconic commercial advertising of  washday Tide. This is the most characteristics trend of this artist, he re-creates the Pop Art in vintage way. The logo is not more the center of the art, but the images of the vintage faces become a real form of art: shining and beuty. So the vintage pictures are giving back with more force through the bright colors and the contemporary stroke.

Another typical element of the production is the "Tosh" brand, that the artist would attach everywhere. For the realization of the work Tosh has used strong and bright acrylic colours with varnish, creating vivid contrast. Instinctive and Pop, Tosh creates a clear and discursive work, which tells a world that is easy to approach for the observer and transmitts energy and vitality thanks to the power of colour.

Artwork exposed in the Lamo Restaurant based in Milan, in partnership with Pisacane Arte Gallery for the exhibition "Vintage - Pop".

The work is signed on the back.

About the Artist

1995 Santa Margherita, Italy

Andrea Cocciolo aka Andrew Tosh, born in 1995, was born in Santa Margherita Ligure. He attended the State Art Institute of Chiavari where he developed early a strong pictorial and interpretative sense. This feeds the artist an equally early refusal of teaching and traditional teaching paths. Andrea therefore leaves school after obtaining his diploma as a master of art and goes towards the pictorial practice typical of the self-taught.

Andrew Tosh's "POP Impressions", SCREAMED with their titles in capital letters, with their expressive power, are a metaphor that is current and that concerns us closely. (Danilo Fozzi)

This self-taught connotation, which we always find in his works, is manifested through the use of materials, the choice of composition and figure. The artistic cues are many and the artist who prefers the "Vintage" leads us through the whole history of the artistic avant-garde making us dwell on his choices and his interpretations. The result is works that are never banal in the representation, with an indication, apparently "no sense" which is transformed, through the suggestions included in the composition, into a very clear, sincere work, easy to approach and to identify with. Instinctive, pop and sometimes irreverent, Tosh makes sure to explain who he is, what he represents and, simply, what is important to him and his art: "Love, gluten, poetry and music are only some of the themes that we easily find, together above all with the importance of the "I" and of what each of us is. " (Danilo Fozzi).

In the pictorial elaboration the artist uses bright colors with strong hues, making very charged combinations, but always obtaining a precise and never banal result. The final figure goes to seal and enclose that movement and that sea of ​​color that manages to give life to the work.
Among the merits and acknowledgments we mention the participation in 2012 to the Arte Mondadori Prize where he is selected among the 40 finalists. This is followed by numerous exhibitions in unconventional showcases that lead him to make himself known in the province of Genoa up to exhibiting in 2014 at the Merlino Bottega d'Arte in Florence and at the Studio Mitti in Milan in 2015.

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