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Single piece Signed Dated Titled Framed

From the series Le Chant du Cygne


60 x 50 cm
23.62 x 20 in







Le Chant du Cygne, Héros

Edition 2/7 

Signed and numbered 

Size: 50x60

Frame Oak veneer 15/30 Rise and museum glass

Pro Pigmentary Premium Or Fine Art Print

"Enter the forest...
Somewhere far from the tumult of men, in the plains of eastern Poland, her gaze embraces the borders of Belarus.
Enter the largest and oldest forest in Europe, cut off from time, a mysterious, magical and fascinating space that the fury of men and their modern spells had hitherto spared.
We are at the beginning of the year 2017 and it quivers. For several weeks, it has been the theater despite itself of the most important environmental conflict in Europe.
Places once protected by Polish law, by the European Union and by UNESCO are threatened with destruction.
On my right, the Ministry of the Environment, which is leading a massive deforestation campaign, advancing the explosion of the spruce bark beetle and its possible devastation over a large part of the territory.
To my left are the environmentalists who fear the inevitable loss of the natural character that has been expressed here for thousands of years. However, the charges are more complicated than it seems.
At the heart of this "last primary forest" two visions of the world are opposed: that of former communist countries, traditional, conservative and that of liberal democracy, citizen, ecological and hyperconnected.
Enter the forest, breathe in its singular beauty, feel its strength and its fragility.
You will find there I hope, as I found it at the turn of its majestic meanders then in contact with the heterogeneous humanity that inhabits it, the essential questions on this ambivalent link between man and nature, on the meaning of word disobedience.
Questions and maybe some answers. 

1985 , France

 Andrea Olga Mantovani (1985, lives and works in Paris) worked for 6 years in Europe on environmental issues of essential testimony, she devoted herself to photography in a professional way from 2015. Alternating between personal projects and commissioned work for the press, she became a correspondent for the New York Times in Europe.
Her personal work today focuses on the protection of natural forests in Eastern Europe, using photography as a militant artistic act. In her approach, the photographer alternates between landscape images celebrating the strength and beauty of unchanging nature and more allegorical photographs. It refers to the complexity of the environmental crisis and metaphorically evokes certain aspects of the environmental challenges of our society.

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