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63 x 63 x 15 cm
24.80 x 25 x 5.91 in


1950,00 €

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  • About the work
Medium: oil on wood, crystal, 2 dl of Blu Curaçao, LED light with sound control. This artwork is part of a series titled Riflessi Pittorici Liquidi. These are artworks alike installations. Paintings held in a white and bright frame, realized matching different colours: authentic interior landscapes, "windows on the world". On the lower border there are fine bottles of Boemia crystal containing herbal and fruit liquids or distillates which colour matches with the painted background. You only have to clap your hands and a naked led lights up. This way the artworks gets life thanks to this simple lighting which creates spectacular highlights. This artwork is made of an oil on wood in a large white frame which seems opened as a window on a landscape. It isn't a real landscape but a depiction of feelings of artist expressed with colour. Everithing liven up thanks to a LED hidden in a Boemia crystal bottle on the border of the frame: with an hand beat you can lught up the artwork to discover newer colour hues. PRICE IS VAT INCLUDED

About the Artist

1973 , Italy

Andrea Morreale was born in 1973 in Sorengo, Switzerland, and graduated at the Academy of Fine Arts of Brera in Milan. His painting research is focused on sensorial perception and on the expressive function of colours. The space of the artwork is the place where the artist shapes his interiority, where thoughts join the expression.


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Bratislava, Panská 17

The Gallery originated from the idea of the collector and researcher Alberto Papini Zorli who, starting in year 2000, has been travelling to East European countries searching for artworks belonging to realist, socialist period (1917-1989). Mr Papini Zorli then specialized in film poster of the realist period. He has collaborated with Galleries in Moscow, Bol...

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