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50 x 130 cm
19.69 x 51 in

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Iron sculpture on coloured wooden pedistal. 
Certificate of authentictiy signed by artist and gallery supplied with purchase of work. 
The origin of the shapes of the iron sculpture derive from Bocca's interpretation of agricultural machinery which surrounded his childhood in his home town of Crema.
The agricultural machinery was analysed, deconstructed and then reassembled to form a unique iron sculpture. 
Three other similar sculptures have been produced, altering the shapes and material of the sculpture and the colours of the pedistal. One of the sculputres was acquired by a prominent Spanish Art Foundation.  

About the Artists

1996 Crema, Italy

Andrea Bocca (Crema, 1996) lives and works between Crema and Milan. Ever since a young age, Bocca has been fascinated by the working world, building sites, industrial production and abandoned factories around his home city of Crema.

At the age of 15, Bocca started as a graffiti artist, to then, over the years, become an authentic heir to the Minimalism movement. He creates modules, units and objects with a precise, and almost maniacal, approach, being attentive to every single detail.

His works function as the exploration of an environment, a journey into clayey landscapes, dry earth, burnt asphalt, puddles in the ground and unfinished architecture. The forms are always referring to something other than themselves. They allow the artist to carry out a profound reworking process, which passes through the design and redesigning of the form itself. Made two-dimensional by the drafting process and then brought back to three-dimensionality, they undergo the artisan modeling process.

His works thus highlight a strong tension between the material and the action exerted on it, declaring the importance of the manufacturing process. Everything is clear, sometimes everything is visible. In those moments the landscape unfolds like a sheet of paper over the horizon. Great and unfinished architectures, interrupt this thin grey line. Their volumes are full and heavy, they have a fiery and angular shape. These are not friendly shapes, they welcome only those who seek to face their austere character.

Construction machinery, ancient forgotten and eroded dinosaurs, now fallen, lie on the ground with their jaws wide open and their colors faded. Fearless shapes such as toy soldiers
who defied architecture, await use that will not happen. Building, destroying, assembling, modifying, interlocking forms with one another, reworking what exists as if they were
big toys to be built without any function. What remains is the thought and idea of what they could have done.

In 2020 he took part in the exhibition A Healthy Dose Of Confusion Before The Bang, at the Federica Schiavo gallery in Milan.

In 2019 he presented his first solo show, VOLVO, after winning the Sanpaolo Invest prize, and participated in the group exhibitions Fortezza at the Giacomq space in Bergamo and the exhibition Insonne at the Morel space in Lugano.
Among the projects and group exhibitions he took part in: Il paradigma di Khun, curated by Ettore Favini and Jacopo Figura (2018), Galleria Fuoricampo in Siena and Studio 02 in Cremona; The Great Learning, curated by Marco Scotini (2017), Triennale di Milano. In 2018 Marcello Maloberti participated in the workshop. It is the body that decides, Museo del ‘900 in Milan, on the occasion of the Furla Series.

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