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6800 EUR

Winter landscape


Single piece



80 x 60 x 2 cm
31.50 x 24 x 0.79 in







1932 , Russian Federation

Slepyshev Anatoly Stepanovich (1932 - 2016) - Soviet and Russian painter, sculptor, graphic artist. Anatoly Slepyshev was a distinguished Russian artist and a recognised master who had a great talent and a distinctly recognisable style that cannot be confused with anyone. The most characteristic feature of his paintings is a swirl, maelstrom of colourful formations, vigorously, rapidly, almost frantically put on canvas in a burst of sudden emotion, of spontaneous sensuality. The artist brilliantly managed to blend the subjects of the Russian hinterland, simple village life with horse-driven carriages, small humble churches and familiar landscapes with refined, pompous images of French Rococo, the atmosphere inherent in the works of Jean-Antoine Watteau. This liberal, highly personal interpretation of the sophisticated French motifs of the XVIII century, processed by means of dashing Russian folklore, sometimes even containing vulgar, staggering elements, is very typical for many works by Slepyshev.

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Riga, Brivibas street 157-2

The gallery has been active since 1991. Until October 2009, it resided in a quiet place, in a beautiful Art Nouveau quarter of Riga, on 22 Antonijas Street. Now it has moved closer to the fast city rhythm and is located in Riga, 157 Brivibas Street (you can park your car in the yard of the house, if you previously call the numbers indicted below). Antonija ...

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