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Paisaje Interior



234 x 198 cm
92.13 x 78 in





1998 Barcelona, Spain

Ana Monsó looks back into art history to reread great artists such as Klimt or Goya and reinterprets them from the position given her by her youth (Barcelona, 1998), being able to collect a double perspective: on the one hand, the aesthetic and conceptual memory developed by male artists where the female body is sacred or considered an object of desire; secondly, the feminist thought, already imprinted in the DNA of her generation, where the problem of the woman's body is addressed as a social construction.

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Barcelona, Carrer de Trafalgar, 70

In January 2016, the Pigment Gallery gallery was born in Barcelona. Pigment is the matter that gives paint its color. Its etymological origin comes from the Latin word pigmentum, which is composed of the verb “pingere” (to paint) and the suffix “-mento” (result). This simple term turned out to be suitable for naming the gallery, since the word evoke...

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