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Follow Ocean Spell


4648,52 €


91.44 x 91.44 cm
36.00 x 36 in







Layered tinted resin on wood

, United States

Born and raised in Bucharest Romania, I am a self-taught dreamer and artist. To dream is my path and to paint is my dream. Lack of control is not my strong suit, but in the painting process things are different. The resin (also known as liquid glass) has a mind of its own and I learn to mindfully let go every time I paint. I allow those liquid color induced emotions I feel to drive me and take lead of my hands and at the end of the process, it’s just music and bliss. My inspiration is always nature's force, balance, perfection in purpose and beauty. It can be a place I travelled or sailed to or just a feeling floating on our boat docked in a Turkish marina or just on anchor nearby a Greek taverna on a remote tiny island in the Mediterranean or Aegean Sea. It can be this artist as a little girl reading "The count of Monte Christo" trying to escape her cold tiny grey communist bedroom daydreaming about traveling to exotic warm places with gold sand beaches and teal waters oceans and seas. Regardless the place or sensation that triggers me to paint, I always seek and aim for same thing: I want the viewer to feel the warmth, solace, calm, inner peace, I want them to feel the warm waters touching their feet and that turquoise-teal-gold perfect color ratio fill their hungry for beauty eyes and soul.My medium flowing on the painting surface is like a butterfly unfolding its wings for the very first time, overwhelming beauty and color reveal uniquely surprising patterns ready to fill the yearning eyes and souls. I get to create my own “pupas” and watch them emerge into beautiful “butterflies” on the painting surface.    I love this painting style because of its beauty and because the paintings cannot be repeated, recreated, every piece obtained through these techniques happens only once in an infinity of attempts.     In a way, these paintings are like us humans: one of a kind, for eternity. Isn’t that amazing? 

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Everglowing Ocean

Sculpture 91.44 x 91.44 cm

4269,04 €

Turquoise Dreams

Sculpture 91.44 x 91.44 cm

4269,04 €


Denver, CO, 1261 Delaware Suite 2

Abend Gallery was established in 1990 and offers an extensive collection of fine art from fresh, contemporary works to traditional, representational painting by local, national, and internationally recognized artists. We are located in the Golden Triangle Museum District, two blocks West of the Denver Art Museum. This space is shared with Gallery 1261....

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