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Love Hate


Single piece Signed Dated Titled



50 x 70 cm
20 x 27.56 in







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oil on canvas

1987 Co.Wexford, Ireland

Amanda Doran deals with her daily environment and her encounters. In the last half years, however, her focus has shifted, from habitual rituals, eccentricities and quirks to discomfort, death and rebirth. She sees the issues as a cathartic outlet that addresses the peculiarities and unpredictability of recent times. The artist reflects death, destruction, despair by depicting people in alternative cultures, such as the tattoo, punk or metal scene. The everyday situations have turned into gloomy and somewhat eerie images that show the cycle from death to rebirth, but with a pinch of dark humour. Life itself is a cycle of recurring phases that are confronted, fought against and destroyed in order to be able to return to light-heartedness.
Doran’s method of representation focuses on physical details that would also catch the viewer’s eye in real life. With their thick and coarse style and their exuberant and direct style of painting, the figures appear obscure, but also aesthetically pleasing, with their artistically tattooed skin. The thick, uncontrollable, sometimes chaotic layers of paint reflect the artist’s momentary feelings, those of a present that cannot be influenced.

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Berlin, Schönleinstr. 25

In 2012 Anna Franek launched the Anna25 project in Munich. The exhibition project held a 25- hour exhibition every three months, always on the twenty-fifth of the month, in different locations. In the same year the gallery owner moved into her permanent exhibition space in Berlin Kreuzberg with the Anna25 gallery. The focus of the Anna25 gallery is on esta...

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62 x 47 x 3 cm

866,00 €