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2Way Loss


Single piece Framed



42 x 29 cm
17 x 11.42 in







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'2Way Loss', by Alpha Odh, paintings Unique work, acrylic on canvas which includes a certificate of authenticity.

1998 Kibera, Kenya

ALPHA ODH is a self-taught artist based in Nairobi. Alpha deeply emerged into the creative processes from the early age of 12 while taking art classes at school. He started with abstracts and realism, and only after he took a camera into his hands did the inspiration for contemporary creations emerge. As the artist suggests, the camera can perfectly copy reality in seconds and there is no need to do the same on the canvas. 

On the canvases of Alpha Odh the world of threatening urban existence is rendered. Introspection and social commentary gushing through his canvases are meant to start a dialogue about the human condition. 

His body in a moment of creation becomes one with the brush: When I paint, the brush becomes an extension of my body. On the canvas, I and the brush must be recognized. I always play with different ideas and try to archive the best ones on the canvas by applying thick paint, splashing, or scratching fine lines. My subject is "Art being Art" I get my inspiration from every blink of my life, I see life in pictures basically.

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