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The road is the old habit of being alone / El camino es la vieja costumbre de estar solos Discover the best available selection of paintings by the artist Alicia Leal. Buy from art galleries around the world with Kooness! Kooness
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The road is the old habit of being alone / El camino es la vieja costumbre de estar solos




65 x 50 cm
25.59 x 20 in




Drawings & Works on Paper



Collage on paper

1957 , Cuba

To the uninformed viewer, Alicia Leal's painting might seem naive. But that is a first impression, before discovering the implications of a speech that is by no means naive, even though it evokes a certain visuality associated with childish sensibility.

With exemplary ease and unprejudicedness, Alicia recreates a world of very bright colours, of somewhat whimsical shapes (although perfectly recognizable, a feast of figuration). But more than a world, it recreates the adventures that have that world as a stage. His is a painting of action.

Stagings. Drama. Alicia Leal almost never invites us to mere contemplation.

Theirs has been a rich process of appropiations, of intense dialogue with referents, of a determined plunge into the heritage of a people, expressed in its legends. And she gives back what she takes, giving birth to a poetics that is at the same time style and thematic vocation.

There is a lot of shared storytelling, but also very personal inventions, which go beyond a simple interpretation of the context. They are here, along with the monsters of creation and the beautiful heroines of a popular narrative, the presuppositions of a critical and incisive approach to what we call reality.

Alicia takes hold of femininity, assuming it as a symbol and as a starting point to highlight a set of more or less obvious values. And it complicates many of those constants. Someone could assume these pictures as illustrations in a children's storybook. But be careful, because these stories are usually double-edged.


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Zurich, Rämistrasse 33

ArteMorfosis is a gallery and virtual platform for Cuban art in Zurich. Founded in April 2015, ArteMorfosis initially focused on presenting well-established Cuban artists. Since 2017 we expanded our approach and included emerging and mid-career artists as well as displaying group exhibitions curated by experienced Cuban curators. Since 2019 we have been push...

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Gas Station


40.64 x 40.64 cm