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In Ombra, 2021


130,00 €

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Dated Titled


20 x 29.6 cm
7.87 x 12 in






Paintings , Design


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Embroidery on canvas.

About the Artists

1999 Bergamo, Italy

Alice Monzani was born in Bergamo in 1999 and lives in a small village in the province. Since she was a child she has been fond of drawing and painting, which was transmitted to her by her mother.  She attends the artistic high school A. Fantoni in Bergamo and in2018 she enrolled in the address of painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Brera where she still continues her studies and investigates new means of expression, such as the practice of embroidery and sewing, taught to her by her grandmother when she was a child.

"In my work I let myself be inspired by everything that surrounds me searching for a certain sensitivity in the elements of my everyday life, creating silent, melancholic and evanescent atmospheres playing with space and light. Currently my artistic research investigates the idea of silence as something that is simultaneously both full and empty. Silence as part of the noise and not only as its opposite; as something feared but to which we aspire with a certain sacredness"

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