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Aprile, 2021


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60 x 60 cm
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About the Artists

1976 Solofra, Irpinia, Italy

Alfredo Pierro was born in 1976 in Solofra in Irpinia, in southern Italy, he lives and works in province of Padua. He began his pictorial activity from an early age, when he saw his own aptitude for drawing, his parents gave him some colors and a small canvas on which exercise. In the following years, he attended the State Institute of Art, Graphics section Advertising and Photography and the Academy of Fine Arts in the Painting section. He achieves the specialization in Advertising Graphics and Photography at the Accademia di Belle Arti of Bologna.

From 1999 to 2003 he worked at various graphics studios in Bologna, making productions for well-known brands and important creative interventions national. He obtains the qualification to teach technical graphic subjects. During these years he experiments with many artistic and printing techniques, in the continuous search to express his own creativity, until in 2018 he found his he language of abstract painting election. Alfredo Pierro's works are born from instinct, from the creative freedom it allows channeling emotions and transferring them to the canvas. For this reason he paints in acrylic on canvas, a technique that allows tight execution times and therefore the possibility of rendering the emotions are immediately visible through the material, the signs and the color.

His works are pervaded with energy and strength, rendered through the spatula technique, with a range intense chromatic, where yellows and reds and purples predominate and together with shades of orange and blue, distinguish his artistic language. The drafts of color  they are often intertwined with black strokes, which run through the paintings creating a particular dynamism. In many of Alfredo Pierro's works, therefore, the creative energy predominates and instinctual, which runs through the canvases in a whirlwind of emotions. Alfredo Pierro manages to merge the creative instinct and harmony, creativity with memory and the unconscious, giving the viewer abstract paintings full of strength, which reflect positive and wonderful energy vitality of the artist.

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