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Abstract shape with orange armed figures


Single piece Signed Dated Titled



60 x 73 cm
23.62 x 29 in







Alfonso de Torres Guajardo (San Sebastián, Spain, 1960) "Abstract shape with orange armed figures" (2021)

Oil, mixed technique, paper 73x60 cm.


The present work was first displayed during the exhibition Unpleasant or Beautiful, which took place at Aspa Contemporary Gallery in April 2021. Unpleasant or Beautiful presents the most recent painting by Alfonso de Torres, eighteen medium format  works that emanate vitality, intuition and play.


De Torres integrates a field of pastel shades; tangles of colors and structures, scrapnotes of exotic travels, Italian films and tiny animals, Pop elements to which he frequently turns to. Turning out in compositions that are expressionist in their intuitive trial and error process, and abstract in their subordination of all these resources to a set of mass, line and color.


Alfonso de Torres Guajardo (San Sebastián, 1960) began his artistic career in the 80s, carried out several individual and collective exhibitions especially in Madrid, where he lives; standing out those celebrated in the Alliance Française, gallery Santa Barbara, Desirée Lieven and Elvira Carreras, Navacerrada Town Hall, Orfila gallery and Aspa Contemporary.


De Torres starts from the informalist painting, performed with an open character. Chance origins other encounters, from a collagist understanding of the composition, to the insistence on a calligraphic gesture which in its Twomblian resonance summarizes a joy of life, an enjoyment of the unpredictable.


1960 San Sebastián, Spain

Alfonso de Torres Guajardo (San Sebastián, Spain, 1960) begins his artistic career inthe 80s, participating in multiple individual and group exhibitions especially in Madrid,where helives, highlighting those held in the Alliance Française, gallery Santa Barbara,gallery Desirée Lieven and Elvira Carreras, Navacerrada City Council and gallery Orfila. ASPA Contemporary Gallery 2017 and 2021, Estampa Art Fair2021.

De Torres artworks sumup the joy of living, the unpredictable, intuition and amusement.Starting fromTwomblian interpretation of informalist painting, chance unites the collagist understanding of composition with the insistence on the calligraphic gesture.De Torres overlaps entangled colours and structures on pasteltones fields with Pop Art elements such as clippings of exotic trips, Italian films and cute animals. The result is a composition that is expressionist in its intuitive process oftrial and error, and abstract in its subordination all these resources to a set of mass,line and colour. 

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Madrid, Calle de Galileo, 19

ASPA CONTEMPORARY, Madrid based contemporary art gallery, opens its doors in April 2016. Sculpture, painting, photography and drawing among other techniques chosen with criteria of empathy, cultural relevance, creative freedom and a certain ironic transcendence. Spanish abstraction in geometry or matter, figuration, expressionism and the inevitable resonan...

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