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12000 EUR

The ark


Single piece Signed

From the series Abstract Sculptures



56 x 44 x 10 cm
22.05 x 17 x 3.94 in







The abstract sculpture is made in a single edition.

The Ark, 2020 wood, bronze, brass.


A signed certificate will be added. The number of issues is 1/1. More photos could be provided on request.

In order to transport this artwork smoothly, the artist needs to obtain an export permit for cultural value. This will takes a total of 7 working days. Also, a special wooden box will be prepared for the careful transportation of the sculpture. Please count on an average of 14 days to prepare the sculpture for shipment, due to the official formal paperwork and production of a special wooden crate for safe transport. After preparation, a special courier will deliver the sculpture from the atelier of the artist in Kyiv to your home.

1954 , Ukraine

Holy Trinity

Sculpture 24 x 88 x 24cm

17000,00 €

Bronze age hummer

Sculpture 12 x 27 x 9cm

2000,00 €


Sculpture 19 x 82 x 14cm

17000,00 €


Luzern, -

Art Voyage Gallery is a contemporary online art gallery founded in Switzerland. The gallery collaborates only with professional artists whose artworks are unique and in high demand among art collectors. The artists represented are from different countries and continents: Europe, Mexico, and South Africa. This allows combining different cultures in creative...

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