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100 x 70 cm
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Oil on Canvas

1997 Crema, Italy

Alessia Eva Cerioli was born in Crema, where she attended the Bruno Munari Art School and graduated in Painting. She graduated in 2020 in Visual Arts at the Brera Academy of Fine Arts under the guidance of Professor Omar Galliani. Various artistic experiments lead her to study symbolism and esotericism, an interest that immediately emerges in the process of producing her works. In her artistic research it is possible to identify a gesture determined by the almost essential stain that outlines shapes that subsequently materialize on the surface of the paintings.
The relationship with colors is an important aspect of her works, as it determines the "changes of state" between the various constituent elements of the work, which is transformed into a dreamlike landscape. Art becomes a ritual that connects the human and the divine, in the rediscovery of a personal spirituality.

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Milan, Via Leto Pomponio, 6

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Ostholstein, Gut Sierhagen Steinbach


115 x 135 x 254 cm

17900,00 €

Mennagio, Lake Como


40.64 x 60.96 cm

548,00 €