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960 EUR
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Castello del filantropo


Single piece Signed Dated Titled



40 x 50 cm
15.75 x 20 in







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Acrylic on canvas
50x40 cm

1991 Rimini, United States

Alessandro Pixa (1991) graduated in Product Design with a thesis on the Pleistocene and immediately developed an interest in prehistoric peoples and their ways of living in symbiosis with the planet.
Grown up in the Romagna skateboard scene of the 2000s, he has always been fascinated by the imagery and style that meets subcultures. His production today moves from drawing to street art and painting, through figurative and abstract, dreamlike and magic realism. His works are characterised by gestural, instinctive and wild lines, irregular colour fields and shapes reminiscent of sacred geometry.

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Ravenna, Via Giuseppe Mazzini, 35

MAG – Magazzeno Arte Contemporanea is an art gallery committed to display and promote (extra) contemporary urban and fine art. Founded in Ravenna in 2016 by Alessandra Carini, the gallery focuses on works influenced by urban environments, pop culture, graphics and illustration. The gallery wants to bring this form of arts to a wider audience, trying to el...

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