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Three men and one leg



50 x 50 cm
19.69 x 20 in







Digital print on fine paper by Alessandro D'Aquila , representing the iconic scene from the film "Three men and a leg" , a 1997 film by Aldo, Giovanni and Giacomo. The work belongs to the series "Portraits without a face" , in which the portraits are not defined, but still easily recognizable at first sight.

There is also the use of the Braille alphabet typical of the artist, according to which the use of this alphabet puts the sighted in the shoes of the blind, thus causing a sense of bewilderment given by the inability to read it, the same bewilderment of those who every day he cannot see the reality that surrounds him. 

The colors used are soft and pastel . 

The work is signed by the artist on the back and is an edition of 5 pieces.

, Italy

Alessandro D'Aquila's works revolve around contemporary culture, its popular images and how they are received or not received: their comunicability is the result of the recipient's perception, like D'Aquila highlights in his artworks, using the Braille alphabet, a language that is unintelligible for the majority of the public. By choosing this specific alphabet, the artist aims to provoke a sense of bewilderment in the average viewer, forcing them to experience what visually impaired people experience on a daily basis. With the 'Polaroid Sintetiche' series, D'Aquila takes the photographs himself and retouches them with oil and acrylic paint, simplifyng the subjects, doing the same work that our mind does with our memories, letting them fade away or mixing them with one another.Among his other series there are 'Ritratti senza volto', in which D'Aquila extrapolates his subjects from cinema, tv shows and pop culture, simplifying them to the extreme, making them recognizable thanks to their most distinctive features; 'Loghi comuni', a series dedicates to those brands that represent our collective imagination; 'Paesaggi sintetici', which presents diffrent types of oversimplified landscapes. 

"I'd like to make visual art suitable not for those who see but for those who watch."

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